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Tuder Technica's Tusil Bright is an extremely high-purity suction and discharge hose made from platinum-cured Silicone that is odorless, tasteless, and exceptionally sanitary.

Tusil Bright is reinforced with stainless steel helices and fabric webbing, making it much more durable than other types of Silicone tubing. Its reinforced body allows it to bend without kinking, work under heavy vacuums up 30 inch Hg, and withstand much higher pressures than normal Silicone tubing, which has a tendency to kink when bent and collapse under vacuum.

Tusil Bright particularly shines when used as an alternative to stainless steel tubing for fixed installation runs. Its durable construction gives it an extremely long life, and unlike stainless steel it can twist and bend easily. It is also semi-translucent, allowing you to visually inspect flow.

  • Stainless steel and fabric reinforcement allows for pressure and vacuum applications
  • Semi-transulcent body for visual flow inspection
  • Heat, weather, and ozone and abrasion resistant glossy cover
  • Phthalates free
  • Suitable for winery, brewery, distillery, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products

Note: Tusil Bright is currently available by special order only. There may be a lead time of several weeks when ordering. Please inquire for current lead times if you require your order by a specific date.

Working Temperature -76 to 392 °F
Working Vacuum 30.0 Inch Hg