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The TCW Semiautomatic Bottling Line is ideal for growing beverage producers who need a modular, expandable line that allows you to bottle on your own schedule. It is significantly cheaper than a fully automatic line while still maintaining excellent output. It is also highly customizable to fit your space, your needs, and your desired bottle format.

We start with a consultation regarding your space and your product. From there we can design an all-stainless steel table in just about any shape or configuration you choose. Our tables usually consist of the following:

  • Adjustable height rinser/sparger
  • Bottle Filler
  • Semiautomatic Corker
  • Foil Spinner
  • Labeler
  • Packaging area

Facilities that do not bottle year-round will be glad to find how easy it is to disconnect the table and wheel it away for storage when not in use. We route all electrical and air through plumbing inside the table. This means you can have one air inlet and one electrical inlet to power all the components on the table. Simply unplug these two connections and move the table away for storage when your are done bottling.

Hourly output varies depending on your bottling process and how many people will work the line, but with a fully-equipped line you can reasonably expect an output of 60 cases per hour on average.

Each component can be chosen to fit with large-format bottles. This makes it ideal for beverage producers who already have an automatic bottling line for their standard-sized bottles and do not wish to invest in a fully automatic line for their large format production.

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