TCW Pressure Racking Wand

TCW Pressure Racking Wand

TCW's pressure racking wand was designed as a gentle way to move your product without pumps. It uses inert air to push liquid out of barrels during racking, thus minimizing oxidation. The top lees depth adjustment knob allows you to quickly move the wand's depth on the fly. An integrated sight glass and ball valve allow for precise rackings.

Available in 32" length for standard barrels or 42" for puncheons and standard barrels.

  • Silicone bung seal
  • Top knob allows for depth adjustment on the fly
  • 1.5-inch TC liquid outlet connection
  • 1/4-inch Female NPT gas inlet valve
  • 1/4-inch Female NPT gas bleed ball vallve
  • 30 psi safety valve
  • Made by TCW

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