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Designed & manufactured by TCW, our semiautomatic rinser-sparger comes in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your bottling line, and to help you protect your product from contamination associated with dirty bottles.

The semiautomatic cycles are adjustable-length, and do not require any operator intervention once begun. Cycles begin when you place the bottles on the nozzle. Rinsing and sparging cycle lengths are independently adjustable. One operator is capable of rinsing & sparging approximately 30-60 cases per hour (two heads) or 50-100 cases per hour (four heads) depending on how long you set the rinsing & sparging cycles. If you are just rinsing bottles you can expect to process from 90-150 cases per hour depending on cycle length.

The Rinser-Sparger is designed for 375ml-1500ml bottles. We can modify the unit for non-standard bottle sizes, and for use in monoblock bottling lines, like our Semiautomatic Bottling Line.

  • 120/240v electrical supply
  • 15 psig minimum CO2, Nitrogen, or Argon supply for sparging
  • Water & drain for rinsing with water