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TCW's SimpleAir Polypropylene Air Diaphragm pumps are an economical way to move water, wine, low-proof spirits, and more. SimpleAir pumps use high efficiency Versa-Matic pump bodies.

Our SimpleAir pumps are designed to be simple to set up and use. To that end, they are equipped with all the fittings necessary to quickly start using them as a variable speed pump. A built-in air regulator and air inlet ball valve make regulating the pumping speed quick and easy.

Air compressor sizing tips:

  1. For max liquid flow rates, use an air compressor with a CFM rating approximately 0.7-0.8 times the desired liquid flow rate. E.g., the SimpleAir 12 requires an air compressor capable of generating 8-10 CFM of compressed air. The SimpleAir 72 requires approximately 50-60 CFM of compressed air for max liquid flow, etc.
  2. In general, larger air diaphragm pumps use air more efficiently than small ones. For that reason, we recommend sizing up beyond what you think you may need. Doing so will give you lower air compressor usage rates and longer pump life.


  • Includes regulator with water drain to control max air flow to pump
  • Includes air inlet ball valve for quick speed adjustments
  • Cart-mounted pumps include tool tray and foam-filled pneumatic tires on a 304 stainless steel cart