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Rollers are a wear part on all foil spinners. When you start getting wrinkled capsules, you probably need to replace them.

Tosa Mecc's standard-size foil spinners come from the factory with six green rollers. Tosa Mecc's large-format rollers come from the factory with six red rollers.

Rollers are sold individually. If you wish to buy a complete set you must purchase three blunt rollers and three sharp rollers. See the roller orientation diagram for reference.

For the vast majority of people the green rollers work fine. However there are many different bottle manufacturers, many different neck sizes, and many different capsule manufacturers. The combinations are limitless, and it may require some experimenting to find the combination of roller types that give you the best results.

Green rollers: The standard roller that works on most standard bottles.

Red rollers: Slightly smaller than the green capsules, red rollers are better for larger bottles.

White rollers: Made of a harder material than green or red spinners and not as rubberized. It may be more difficult to get a smooth capsule from white spinners, but they are much cheaper. Some of our customers have good results with three white capsules and three capsules of another color.

Wrinkle Elimination Tips

  • Use a slow downward stroke
  • Try moving the bands towards the front of the spinner if the standard configuration isn't working
  • Try different roller color combinations, e.g. three green and three white or three green & three red.
  • Replace rollers when spongy, soft, or when the wear surfaces have become deformed.
  • Replace bands when loose and cracked