Ragazzini Rotho MS1 25 GPM


Body Material 316 Stainless Steel
Tri Clamp Inlet/Outlet Size 2"
Liquid Flow Rate 0-25 GPM

Ragazzini Rotho MS1 25 GPM

Ragazzini's Rotho series represents the apex of peristaltic pump technology for the wine industry. While many peristaltic pumps have entered the market in recent years, only the Rotho is able to assure the absolute integrity of the grape while pumping. This is true regardless of whether you are pumping wine or crushed grapes. The results are the same: whole grapes in, whole grapes out, and none of the distinctive "green" or vegetal odor associated with over-handling of grape skins.

The Rotho pump keeps grapes, and particularly grape skins intact. This significantly reduces the amount of lees during decanting of the must. No other pump type, be it flexible impeller or rotary lobe, can ensure the perfect, undamaged transfer of must like the Rotho peristaltic.

The Rotho peristaltic pump is not just better than other types of pump, it far exceeds peristaltic pumps from other manufacturers. Our customers who've used the Ragazzini Rotho after trying other peristaltic pumps can confirm: no other peristaltic pump else is capable of delivering the same powerful positive pressure as the Rotho while at the same time ensuring that the grape's integral characteristics are not altered or affected by the pumping process.

Because of its high throughput and gentle handling, the Rotho excels when working with extremely delicate varietals such as Pinot Noir.

The pump body is fully cast and machined from 316 stainless steel, not formed sheet metal, like lesser peristaltic pumps. Additionally, the hose is purpose-built for use in Rotho pumps, and the interior surface of the pump is machined to ensure long hose life. This also protects the integrity of your product from hose breakage.

For winemakers producing a premium product, and for whom no shortcut is acceptable, the Ragazzini Rotho pump is the only choice.

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