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The DF90 & DF90T are extremely powerful and extremely gentle peristaltic must pumps. It is designed for premium wine producers that are passionate about extremely gentle grape handling, thus ensuring the highest-quality final product.

They are capable of moving pomace and whole grape clusters, as well as fragile and sensitive products like wine and must. They are ideal for pumping over long distances or from considerable depths, and excel at pumping very delicate products.

In contrast to RPD must pumps, Ragazzini Rotho pumps do not need to be guarded from debris that may enter the inlet by mistake. We have seen RPD must pumps ruined by a stray vineyard tie, bits of tape, or even errant Tri Clamp fittings. Ragazzini Rotho peristaltic pumps are capable of simply "pumping through" these mistakes without damage to the pump or the peristaltic tube, saving you valuable manpower hours during the most critical parts of the year.

  • DF90: 6" Inlet & Outlet
  • DF90T includes auger screw must hopper, required for pumping must, crushed destemmed grapes, and whole grape clusters
  • Customer specifies fitting type: Tri Clamp, Camlock, DIN, etc.
  • Dual peristaltic tubes for high throughput
Crushed & Destemmed Grape Flow Rate 65 TPH
Liquid Flow Rate 370 GPM
Tri Clamp Inlet/Outlet Size 6"