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The Easy Line from Quinti is a modular bottling line system for small wineries that is designed to allow completely automatic bottling operations with a single user. The base unit is an automatic filler and corker on a conveyor belt. More functions can be added on, such as a foil capsule applicator, labeler, and more.

The Easy Line earns its name by allowing a single user to easily carry out the complete bottling process from beginning to end, loading empty bottles at one end and taking them away filled, corked, labelled and capped from the other end. Additionally the monoblock is designed to completely eliminate the need for lubrication. All contact parts are made of auto-lubricating components, reducing the potential for lubricant-based contamination.

Finally, the upgraded Easy Line AOX system brings completely sealed isobaric filling to your facility. This means that during the entire filling and corking process your product is completely protected by inert gas. This prevents potentially harmful oxidizing components from interacting with your product, thus preserving its organoleptic properties.

Prices for the Easy Line Wine system start around $35,000, with fully-equipped lines costing around $80,000. Contact us to get a customized quote.

Base model features:

  • Designed to accommodate standard 750 ml Bordeaux-style bottles
  • Two gravity filling nozzles
  • Corking head for natural or synthetic corks
  • External pump control switch
  • Automatic system when low wine levels are detected
  • Precise level control

Optional features:

  • CIP washing system with dummy bottles
  • Rotating table for loading bottles into machine
  • Pick and place machine at bottle entry
  • Manual or automatic rinse cycle for bottles
  • Cork sensor to stop the line if a missing cork is detected
  • Polylam capsule applicator
  • Body labeler
  • Neck labeler
  • Date and batch printer
  • Pick and place bottle exit
  • Rotating unloader table for accumulating bottles
  • Four-nozzle version available
Compressed Air Requirements 7 CFM @ 90 psi minimum
Eletctrical Requirements 230 V, 1-phase
Filling Reservoir Capacity 25 liters
Cork Height 35 to 50 mm
Cork Diameter 22 to 27 mm
Minimum/Maximum Bottle Height 220/400 mm
Maximum Bottle Diameter 110 mm
Production Capacity 500 BPH (2-spout), 650 BPH (4-spout)
Bottle Size Capacity 375 ml, 750 ml, 1500 ml