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Basket presses have reasserted themselves as the secret weapon in many a winemaker's arsenal, and Mori's basket presses are used the world over by passionate winemakers who wish to produce premium-quality wines. In fact, world-class wineries like Screaming Eagle and Schramsberg Vineyards have produced some of the world's best and most sought-after wines on a Mori basket press.

No other tool can offer the balance of sheer extraction power and gentleness on the grapes like the basket press. This makes them suitable for producing the highest-quality juice from fermented red must, as well as delicate wine from destemmed white grapes. Even breweries and distilleries like Anchor Steam use the Mori basket press for pressing grains to extract every last drop, and ensure the best flavors are not left behind in the cake. Since liquid is pressed through the cake, the resulting juice is clearer and more concentrated than juice pressed from pneumatic drum-style presses.

The Mori PZ FL series boasts some unique features that make pressing easier and more convenient. The basket can be lifted out of the way with the hydraulic ram. It is then held in place while the ram moves down, stripping any remaining cake from the basket. The entire pan is forkliftable, allowing you to easily move and empty the pan containing the pressed cake to get it ready for the next pressing.

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Stainless steel one-piece basket with removable juice screen,
  • Stainless steel pan and pressing ram/platen
  • Heavy-duty double hydraulic pumps allow you to go fast when moving the ram out of the way or slow for high pressure pressing.
  • Maximum load of approximately 1.4 tons
  • Extended ram reaches to within 4” of pan for a very small minimum load of approximately 0.2 tons
  • Automatic On/Off at 50bar differential during pressing
  • Maximum Cylinder Hydraulic Pressure of 350 bar
  • Programmable PLC available as an option allows you to create your own pressing "recipes"

Here is a PZ-series forkliftable press in action with white grapes: