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These are all the parts commonly needed to rebuild your Mori Filler nozzle. All parts made of Silicone, Stainless Steel, Nitrile, or EPDM, for great compatibility with wine, beer, and spirits.

They can be purchased separately, as outlined below, or as a complete kit.

Nozzle Parts:
  • From left to right in the product picture, the gaskets are numbered as follows: #60, #57, #55, #52, #59. This is also their number as shown in your Mori Filler manual.
  • #60: The nozzle cone. Depending on your bottle, it may be a long time before you need to replace the nozzle cone. However, it's important to keep an eye on it nonetheless. If the nozzle is not smooth, it will not form a good seal against the mouth of your bottle.
  • #57: The lower seat o-ring rests on the swivel ball of the Mori Filler nozzle. It will be easily visible when you unscrew the nozzle from the reservoir.
  • #55: The upper seat o-ring is often hidden in the upper part of the cup when you remove the Mori Filler nozzle. You may need to stick a finger into the cup to pop it out.
  • #52: The cup seal faces downward underneath the spring and stainless steel washer. It provides a seal against the up and down sliding of the nozzle's outer sheath. If it is not installed properly, or is excessively worn, you may notice leaking from the nozzle just underneath the spring.
  • #59: The bottom retainer o-ring is the smallest o-ring in the nozzle. It must be removed if you want to completely disassemble the nozzle for cleaning.

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