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Mori's four and six-spout gravity fillers have gained wide acclaim and become a staple in hundreds of wineries and distilleries across the United States. Their simplicity, ease of cleaning, and sanitary all-stainless steel construction have made them the go-to filler in many commercial bottling lines.

Bottle fill levels are adjustable by simply adjusting the level of the tray. The filler's reservoir is kept at a constant level by one of the following means: gravity-feed, electronic level control, or an air-driven level control.

Gravity-fed Level Control As long as gravity works, the basic model Mori Filler works. A vessel containing your product should be above the filler's reservoir level. A mechanical float senses the level of the reservoir and opens a valve to replenish it as necessary. Nothing complicated, and you can keep filling even if your electricity goes out.

Electronic Level Control It's not always possible or practical to feed the filler using gravity alone. For that reason we offer an electronic level control with integrated pump. Electronic probes sense the level inside the reservoir. When the level drops below a certain point they turn the integrated pump on and refill the reservoir, ensuring you don't miss a beat during filling. Distillers take note: the level-sensing probes in this version require your distilled product to be conductive. Many distillers use distilled water, RO water, or otherwise de-ionized water for proofing down. This makes the product non-conductive, and it will not work with the electronic level control. You should use the Pneumatic version. Wine, beer, kombucha, etc. are normally not subject to this issue, and the electronic level control works fine.

Pneumatic Level Control An excellent choice for distilleries bottling high-proof alcohol. The air-driven level control features a pneumatic level sensor and our ATEX-rated Flojet Air Diaphragm Pump to keep the reservoir level topped off. No electricity needed. It just requires an air compressor capable of delivering about 3 CFM of compressed air, and 60 psi. Compressors this small are normally available off the shelf of your local tool store, or some of our customers like the quiet compressors available from California Air Tools. Again, just look for a compressor in the 3 CFM range.

In-line Filter An optional in-line filter allows you to make a final filter pass immediately prior to bottling. We mount a 20" stainless steel filter housing directly to the filler body, allowing you to connect a standard P7 cartridge (filter cartridge sold separately).
4-Spout Tabletop Dimensions (W x D x H) 780 x 410 x 920 mm (30.7 x 16.1 x 36.2 inches)
6-Spout Tabletop 1100 x 410 x 920 mm (43.3 x 16.1 x 36.2 inches)
4-Spout Wheeled Floor-mount 780 x 410 x 1530 mm (30.7 x 16.1 x 60.2 inches)
6-Spout Wheeled Floor-mount 1100 x 410 x 1530 mm (43.3 x 16.1 x 60.2 inches)
Reservoir Capacity 4-Spout: 11.2 gallons, 6-Spout 16.4 gallons
Bottling Speed (750 ml) 4-Spout: 8 BPM, 6-Spout: 12 BPM