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The MiniMax is a recirculating bottle rinser that allows you to use your own product or a sanitizing solution for bottle rinsing. It is ideal for breweries, distilleries, and cideries who use their own product or expensive sanitizing solutions to rinse bottles.

We have manufactured a Closed Loop Recirculating add-on to our Rinsers & Spargers for many years. The MiniMax represents the next step forward. It is redesigned from the ground up to be simple to use, self-contained, and with as small a footprint as possible.

Bottles are placed on the two stainless steel nozzles. This starts a semiautomatic rinsing cycle. Cycle lengths are user adjustable from 0-5 seconds (MiniMax Electric) or 0-7 seconds (MiniMax Pneumatic). 3-5 seconds is a normal cycle time for our customers.

Run-off liquid is recaptured in the 5.3 gallon stainless steel keg, where it is pumped through a 5µ Graver QMC filter cartridge (included). After filtration, the cleaning/sanitizing solution is then recirculated for rinsing.

MiniMax Pneumatic runs entirely on compressed air. No electricity required.

MiniMax Electric runs on standard 110 V power. Distilleries should note that the pump included on the electric MiniMax is not recommended for use with products that have a flash point below 100 °F. We recommend that distilleries purchase the pneumatic MiniMax instead, which can run using a very small “pancake” air compressor as its power source.

  • All tubing is food-grade LLDPE – chemically inert and alcohol-compatible
  • Push-connect tube fittings allow easy cleaning and replacement without the need to re-clamp fittings
  • Natural polypropylene filter housing is resistant to alcohol
  • 5µ Graver QMC filter cartridge included
  • Adjustable height and angle bottle placement
  • Average throughput of 20 BPM (with 5 second cycle length)
  • Recirculating pump included: Flojet G70 (Pneumatic) or Flojet Quad (Electric)
  • Made by TCW Equipment
Minimum Air Flow Required (MiniMax Pneumatic) 80 psi @ 2 CFM
Power Requirements (MiniMax Electric) 110 V
Average Throughput 20 Bottles/Minute (with 5-second rinsing cycle length)