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The top end of our Jabsco FIP range is ideal for moving wine must, destemmed or crushed grapes, and beer mash/wort – particularly when paired with an auger-screw hopper. Its ultra-sanitary pedestal head design allows for complete head disassembly with no tools.

TCW's SQN series flexible impeller pumps have been our bestselling pump for many years. Their rugged construction have made them the industry standard for flexible impeller pumps. In fact, many of the SQN pumps we sold decades ago are still in use today and being serviced by us.

Jabsco's heads are made of cast and machined 316 stainless steel, not formed/bent stainless steel like lesser pumps. 316 stainless steel provides greater resistance to acidic substances than 304 stainless steel. All of these details add up to a pump that requires less maintenance, has less wear and tear on impellers, and functions with no leaking or contamination.

The SQN 130 FIP is capable of self-priming up to about 15 feet. The standard impeller is non-toxic neoprene (fair for ozone). The pump head can be cleaned in place for ultimate flexibility.

  • Variable speed controls in a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Start/stop, forward/reverse controls
  • 35' remote control, 30' power cord
  • Mounted on a custom staniless steel cart with tool tray and cord hooks
  • All wetted components composed of AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Sanitary mechanical seal
Pump Head Material 316 Stainless Steel
Liquid Inlet/Outlet Port Size 3" TC
Max Liquid Flow Rate 130 GPM
Liquid Outlet Pressure 45 psi
Motor 5 HP