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Jabsco Hy~Line RPD pumps were designed from the ground up to be easy to clean, sanitize, and repair in the field.

If you've worked with other RPD pumps in the past you know that material can become trapped in dead spaces, which makes sanitizing a pain. Jabsco Hy~Line pumps, on the other hand, are easy to clean. In fact, they are so easy to clean they have been independently certified for clean in-place and sanitize in-place applications by the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group. That's right, no disassembly required. The seals and elastomers can be replaced in 15 minutes, and you can be up and running again.

Hy~Line pumps are also gentle. Other RPD pumps allow some "slippage" where product makes it past the rotors and is re-pumped. This can damage sensitive products. The Hy~Line's exclusive trimmed rotor design creates a "snow plow" effect that pushes all pumped liquid forward to minimize slippage and protect your product.

Features, benefits, & specifications
  • Front access seals allow for easy replacement of elastomers without the need to disconnect the pump from the piping. Also, no need to remove the pump head from the bearing housing to replace seals
  • Seals and elastomers replaced in 15 minutes
  • Clean in place. No need to dismantle pump for cleaning
  • Independently certified for clean in place
  • No shims on bearing housing makes for easy re-assembly
  • Aluminum alloy bearing housing make pump light and rust-free
  • Trimmed rotors reduce shear damage to sensitive products
  • Requires flooded inlet
Available sizes
  • Jabsco Hy~Line 28: 1.5" Tri Clamp Inlet/Outlet, 28 GPM
  • Jabsco Hy~Line 54: 2" Tri Clamp Inlet/Outlet, 54 GPM
  • Jabsco Hy~Line 115: 2" Tri Clamp Inlet/Outlet, 115 GPM
  • Jabsco Hy~Line 180: 3" Tri Clamp Inlet/Outlet, 180 GPM
  • Jabsco Hy~Line 220: 4" Tri Clamp Inlet/Outlet, 220 GPM