Graver WaterTEC Absolute-Rated Water Filter

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Graver WaterTEC Absolute-Rated Water Filter

Graver WaterTEC filters offers precise, economical, absolute filtration for water applications. You can use it for before and/or after DI or Reverse Osmosis filtration, after UV treatment, and for general water filtration. The 0.45 µ sterile filter effectively removes microorganisms and bacteria, and offers phenomenal on-stream life.

  • Compatible with P7 226 Housings, like our Stainless Steel Filter Housings
  • 0.45 µ absolute-rated filtration
  • High dirt-holding capacity minimizes change-outs and downtime
  • Fully thermal-bonded construction. No adhesives.
  • Cleanable, reusable, backflushable
  • Can be steamed/autoclaved
  • Compatible with common chemical cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing agents and with pH range from 1–14
  • USP Class VI: Meets USP Class VI Biological Test for Plastics
  • FDA Listed Materials: All materials comply with FDA Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Sections 174.5, 177.1520, and 177.2440 as applicable for food and beverage contact

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