Glidetech UPE Full Conductive Ethanol Hose


Weight per Foot .48 lbs
Burst Pressure 600 psi
Max Working Pressure 150 psi
Maximum Vacuum 26.6 in. Hg
Temperature Range -31°F–212°F (-35°C–100°C)

Glidetech UPE Full Conductive Ethanol Hose

For ethanol concentrations ≥ 96% we recommend Glidetech UPE Full Conductive Transfer Hose. The liner is formed from a conductive black UPE material that can discharge static electricity that normally builds up during liquid flow. When the hose is connected to a tank, pump, or other vessel that is grounded, static electricity is discharged, thereby preventing sparking hazards.

Like all Glidetech hoses, the exterior cover is smooth and non-marking for easy movement around your facility.


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