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A 40-mesh screen strainer to be used in-line for filtering out small particles. 3/4" hose barbs in and out make it compatible with Flojet's G70 and Quad pumps. Prevents unnecessary breakdowns by ensuring particles stay out of the diaphragms.

The housing is transparent, allowing you to quickly see if the strainer is clogged. It unscrews for quick and easy cleaning.

Port Types:

The strainer is available with two port connection types: 3/4" hose barb and direct plug. If you are using the strainer with a Flojet Quad, the direct plug is the best choice. If you are using the strainer with a Flojet G70 you must use the 3/4" hose barb style, and connect the strainer to the pump's inlet with a short length of hose. The direct plug style will not work with the Flojet G70.

Screen Size 40-mesh
Liquid Inlet/Outlet Port Size 3/4" Hose Barb