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For cylindrical bottles, our customers have had phenomenal success with the BottleMatic II. The BottleMatic II is made in the USA and backed by excellent support from the manufacturer. A single operator can output approximately 950 bottles an hour without breaking a sweat.

Rewinder: The motorized Rewinder picks up waste label backing paper, keeping your work area neat, clean, and safe

Bottle Detector: An optical sensor detects bottle placement and automatically starts applying the label. The footswitch is still included, but is probably not needed.

Features and Specifications:
  • Works for pressure-sensitive labels with a 3 or 4 copy position orientation
  • Labels objects from ½" to 10" in diameter
  • Able to handle most tapered containers by simply adjusting the idle roller position
  • Labels over 1000 pieces per hour with average dexterity, and potentially more if you have a skilled operator
  • Labels must be die-cut with a 1/8" (or more) gap
  • Narrow labels will work but the backing paper for them must be at least 1 ½" inches wide
  • Runs on 110v

See the BottleMatic II in action: